About Reilly's HempVet

Keep Your Pet Stronger for Longer™

At Reilly’s HEMPVET, our goal is to keep your pets strong and healthy for as long as possible. Our products are founded on science, with love and a passion for giving your pets the very best care they deserve. Our team of leading pet health professionals developed innovative hemp-based supplements to offer the ultimate support for the most common pet health challenges.

Combining the nourishing entourage of hemp phytocannabinoids (including CBD) with powerful issue-specific ingredients, our supplements support your pet’s cellular health, immune system, neurocognitive function,  hip & joint mobility and with ultimate calming & relaxation.

Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp (CBD)

Vet recommended for homeostatic balance and general wellness

Great for all breed types, ages and sizes!

Free of most common allergens, such as: wheat, soy, nuts and dairy

All natural and free of any artificial ingredients or added sugars

Made in Vermont with premium ingredients and third party tested.

Dr. Gary Pusillo


Our formulator, Dr. Gary Pusillo, is one of the industry’s leading animal nutritionists, having developed over 2,000 animal premix, base diets and specialty product formulations; some of which have contributed tto 15 Kentucky Derby winners.

Not only has he dedicated his life to animal health and rescue, but Gary’s formulations are the basis for some of the most successful animal pharmaceutical, nutrition and natural health care products in the world and his products are used by almost every zoo in the USA.

We love Gary like family and we know you and your pets will too when you see how well our supplements work.

Dr. Gary Pusillo, board certified Professional Animal Scientist, full member of American Academy of Forensic Scientists (AAFS); Author.